Refund Cancellation

Refund Policy

1. One need to bring the exact reason of withdrawing the admission from any of available modes of classroom.

2. Cancellation of admission or refund of fee will not be entertained for pointless complaint like exchange of lectures, postponed of lectures, cancellation of lectures , exchange of faculties, misbehaviour of any other students personally to one, or any other outsiders misconduct.

WODE already take care of things that shall maintain an ambience that is good for the learning.

3. Any misleading/ falsehood information for cancelling the admission will be not be entertained.

4. One month fee as per the course fee will be deducted in any circumstances, one has right to know the monthly fees before taking admission. However, a student may continue to attend lectures & enjoy rest of service, includes in the programme till the end of that month in case of refund initiated.

5. One need to produce the proofs of one’s complaint. WODE has right to first resolve the issue if one wouldn’t get satisfied, the refund will be initiated after deducting the required amount.

6. In case one is choosing the residential classroom. One needs to follow all the instruction given at the time of admission. Cancelling the admission without any concern or due to affection will results in zero refund initiated as our limited seats has been blocked by one & one only needs to bare the loss of that blocked seat.

As, we cancelled the next student if someone come & close the vacate seat. We don’t keep anyone in queue/writing in the expectation of withdrawing one’s admission. 'NO refund of registration fees.'

7. Refund will be initiated within 15 days of final confirmation.

8. Management has right to involve in all disputes/concerns regarding refund.

9. Management has right to know every aspect of registered concern.

10. Admission fee will not be refunded in any circumstances.

11. Refund methodology (based on within one month) :

Total submitted fee – (Admission fee + one month fee + Addons if spent)

Note:-  Admission fee is fixed that varies from 6% to 10% depends on courses.

Monthly fee can be known by anyone before the admission.

Deducted amount will be calculated without discounted fee.

Residential : Total submitted fee – (one month fee + Admission fee + one month school fee + one month expenses) or you can go ahead with one month trial in which school admission will not be done.

Above refund methodology is based on one month criteria that means if someone leaves from first day to the month end.

12. WODE management decision will be the last & that will be accepted by all.

13. One should always keep the receipt & records of payment for their reference.

14. Reflected payment will be in account only.



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