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'Wings Of Dreams Edu(WODE)' is an organization works under 'Wings Of Dreams Education India pvt. ltd.'(a private limited company).
'Neeru Shiksha Prasar Samiti(1986)',founded by Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta(CSO), is the parent organization of WODE. 
 Neeru Shiksha Prasar Samiti(NSPS) -  It provides education to the students who are not financially strong. The fees starts from 200INR for those students. It also runs a school apart from the tuitions & private classes. It was founded in 1986. 

It is well said, "A solution comes after a problem."

In a long survey what we analysed, are:

  • Most of students only upgrade a class every year not their intelligence.
  • They do not become confident even on simple calculations like addition, subtraction etc at age of 8-9yrs.
  • Parents do not prepare a to do list for their children. For example : what their children will learn this year. As a result, he/she doesn't have the confidence to solve four basic mathematical operation even after in 5th standard. 
  • The backlog of previous learning makes tough the current learnings. That's the reason the student comes out with fear after an exam.
  • When some of parents realize about the weakness or backlog of 3-4years, they want to cover it in few months.
  • These are many more points which fails a student to make his/her IQ better. 

AIM - Our aim is:

  • To make students confident on what they are doing, they should know about it.
  • Parents 'to do list' for every year.
  • To remove the overconfidence which comes due to half knowledge.
  • To make a target of learning every year.
  • To boost the performance rate in minimum time. 

Hence, We work for the development of students. This age group is the main foundation learning period and is very essential part. One can check the details in courses section from the menu. We kaizen our work so that we can serve the parents our better part. Currently, WODE provide 3 modes of classroom; offline, online & residential classroom(Hostel with schooling). Apart from this our physical appearance is in Madhya pradesh & Maharashtra.
 Our Chairman, Mrs. Manju lata, says ," I don't want to make this organisation the BEST rather i want to make it BETTER than yesterday". We don't believe in highlighting the things we have done else we want to win your faith that you come with, to us. That is the best achievement for us & Our entire team stand ahead for that. 

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