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Wings Of Dreams Edu(WODE)-Test series portal has been designed especially for the sainik school(AISSEE) and military school(RMS-CET) aspirants.   

How test series helps an aspirant in his/her preparation ?

Every candidate who is preparing for an exam needs to know his progress report regularly. so, this is how one can help oneself during his/her preparation. Test series play a vital role when you are preparing for an exam. You can easily access your current score and remote yourself to scale up from that position(your current score) and that's really very important to know about your current position then only you can rise up from there to your target score. Yes, One should always have the target score in his/her mind and should always run until you get over that position.  

Test series also helps in maintaining the time criterion for the final examinations. Sometimes, A student fails to attempt all questions within the time limit. Regular practicing of  same type & same number of questions results in attempting 100% questions within the time limit with accuracy also.

Yes, Attempting the entire exam paper is not the only thing that a student needs to overcome but maintaining the accuracy is also an important part to claim the target score.

Difference between the OMR & ONLINE mock test series.

Offline or Optical mark recognition(OMR) is an actual practice platform but, it can't be done so frequently as it takes longer time to get over the results while an online portal gives you instant result and saves your more time. OMR bubble filling practice can also be done separately. While practicing more at online platform gives you instant result and helps you in enhancing the performance on regular basis very frequently. And, WODE online platform is designed with less duration than in actual exam paper sothat one can balance it with OMR sheet filling.

If you note down your score & put it on the scale you will definitely find the J-curve in your performance.  

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